Our Mission

We connect people, resources, and community to create endless opportunity.

We help people create their own path, and give them the support they need along their journey. Our concept is simple: Nearly all of the resources a person needs to follow their dreams are already available in the form of non-profit organizations, who we refer to as resources. This includes resources who assist with all forms of human needs from food and shelter to professional groups, training, financial support, and mentoring. Project Maslow is providing the centralized hub for organizing and aligning these resources in a meaningful way, and gives it’s users the opportunity to create their own life goal journey.

We think the reason disparities exist between groups is a concept that’s completely overlooked: some people are raised and taught skills and an understanding of how to navigate life, and that knowledge gives them opportunities other kids will never have. Parents of successful children have been taught behaviors and expectations that helped them live more fulfilling adult lives. In the case of parents that have struggled to find their own paths, they may have known how to love their children, but they didn’t know how to teach them the skills necessary to achieve a stable lifestyle and a successful career as an adult.

Without training, children repeat their parents mistakes generation after generation, and continue the same misconceptions and behaviors that keep them from achieving their dreams. Project Maslow believes this disparity can and must be corrected by giving all people the tools needed to follow their dreams and to lead more productive, fulfilling lives, full of meaning. No one should be left behind because they don’t know a different life is possible.

We don’t promise that journeys will be easy, but they will be fulfilling and provide people with a sense of ownership and accomplishment, which are the pillars of restoring dignity and self-respect. We surround our users with great people and put them on a path they can achieve. We point them in the best direction possible, giving them the same opportunity as everyone else. Project Maslow provides the path to opportunity by connecting people, resources, and communities to create endless opportunity.