FaceLessID and Surveys

While using LifeMap PM, our clients utilize FaceLessID as their identification to check in with non-profit resource organizations and to share their aggregated detail. This allows for a quick and easy process, letting them check in and share data with the organizations they utilize, without ever sharing their name. The organization receives statistical detail about the person, but not identifiable information. This means our clients operate freely without fear of embarrassment or any chance of identity theft from the data they store in LifeMap PM. It also allows our resources the opportunity to see who their clients are, what they need, and how to best serve them.

The check in process is quick. Our clients only add their information one time in the app when they set up their profile, and when they visit a church, government agency, or non-profit, there’s little to no effort required to fill out a form, because they just open the app and scan the QR code at the location they’re visiting. The whole process is automated, and the only detail shared is statistical information, nothing identifying them.

In the case that an organization requires a name or other identifying pieces of information, a survey may be added by the organization to populate at the time of check in. Any survey details already included in our client’s profile would be auto-filled, requiring little to no effort from our clients. Survey information would then be visible and must be approved by the client filling out the survey before releasing it to the organization. In the case of a survey, information is never housed in the Project Maslow database, so there is no chance of identity theft or misuse of client information. We designed our entire network around our client’s security and information protection. We operate on the belief that we don’t care what you know about us, as long as you don’t know it’s us, and we believe our clients agree.