Connecting Resources

Non-profit organizations, government agencies, and any other organization that offers products or services that help people, or as we call them, resources, span a huge spectrum of offerings, from homeless shelters to business loans, and everything in between. All of those resources are an unbelievable blessing, but navigating them is difficult, and knowing which one a person needs, or how to contact them is an even greater challenge. Ultimately, Project Maslow’s goal is to align all of our resources to serve one mission ahead of their stated mission, and that is to create a network of organizations that serve the entire person, intending to grow that individual to be fully self-driven sufficient and giving back to their community.

Project Maslow is building LifeMap PM to serve both the people who would use those resources and also the organizations that provide those products and services.

When our clients have a service they need or a goal they want to achieve, our LifeMap PM provides them the path, and we do this based on the services associated with that type of goal. Depending on what the goal is, a time-frame is given, allowing the user to plan their journey the way they would when using a GPS to go on a trip.

For the resource organization, we’re able to see services needed in each region. If our algorithm suggests that an individual needs resume and interview training, but there are no resources available, then we assist in having those resources added. We also provide resources with de-identified data about their clients, letting them know if their efforts had impact, and if additional services should be added or removed. We even provide a feedback channel for clients to comment back to agencies on their experiences.

Our algorithm empowers clients in the best way possible while informing resource organizations where they’re succeeding or failing, all while using the information we gather to balance services per region.