Disaster Coordination (DISCO PM)

LifeMap offers DISCO PM, a Disaster Coordination tool like no other. Consider any disaster, such as a tornado, or a flood. Once the danger passes, there’s a mess that needs to be cleaned up and people that need help. How does any coordinating agency know exactly how to help them? Although there are government groups, like FEMA and the Red Cross who specialize in this process, there are broken aspects of the response that LifeMap’s DISCO PM corrects. First of all, after a disaster, the coordinating agency must assess all of the damage, and then make a determination of what sorts of services and volunteers will be needed, which also means directing all the resource agencies and volunteers that arrive to help. Secondly, they have to manage all of the victims that need help. And, the biggest challenge is communicating to the people who have just lost their homes, or who have no electricity or any organized way to communicate in a disaster. How do you accurately know how many were people were affected and what they need, who needs to be addressed first? Where do you start?

LifeMap’s DISCO PM Disaster Coordination tool is specifically designed for those agencies that manage disasters. In every area, a Disaster Coordinator is given the role of DC in LifeMap, and they can see the requests and surveys from disaster victims, they see volunteers and what skills they bring, can manage the volunteer groups that want to help, and in addition, they have a dashboard that tells them what needs have arisen in prior disasters that were similar, because we know that historical data is the best way to predict the future. Based on prior event date, the DC receives a timeline for what is needed and when to expect it, for instance, big events have long term effects on people, so educating them on what to expect will reduce their fear and anxiety. DC’s can use the tool to direct resources where they’re needed, to inform the victims of where and to go for food and supplies, and when, and they can assess damage and get a clear picture on how their efforts are helping, since victims can take surveys and share pictures and comments.

Volunteer skills, are we really using them properly? LifeMap’s DISCO PM Disaster Coordination tool makes it possible for users to volunteer their skills. For instance, after a tornado, carpenters may be necessary, but only in the right places, and at the right times, otherwise, they may show up to volunteer and be used as general workers, instead of utilizing their needed skill, because they’re needed in another location. Using LifeMap’s DISCO PM Scout, a call may be put out for volunteers to fill 10 positions in a given location and 4 in another, and when they arrive, they can check in to satisfy the need. General cleanup volunteers may be requested in the same way. DISCO PMs HELP, can be used by the victims of the disaster to alert the DC of their needs. In this case, a home owner with a tree across their roof could choose the type of assistance they need and add comments and a picture of the problem. The DC would then be able to see on a map what services are needed and where. For each incident, such as a tree falling on a house, a basic crew structure is preset from prior events, recommending who to request, and a needs dashboard with heat maps and drill down detail lets them see the big picture. We think DISCO PM will revolutionize the disaster response.