LifeMap PM

LifeMap PM is a fun and interactive tool for our clients to use as a planner, guide, to find resources, connect with groups and mentors, and for social networking while they navigate their adventures in life. It allows anyone to insert a goal, such as becoming a doctor, a college professor, or even just improving upon self or situation, and it plots out every step required to reach that goal, similar to how a maps program gives directions. Imagine having the goal of having a larger house, or putting $1 million dollars in the bank by a set date, or to become a park ranger, all in the same tool, that is LIfeMap PM.

LifeMap PM points people to the resources and support they need on their journey, providing an approximate time-line for how long each task will take, and puts the entire goal into a format that makes it easy and fun to follow and understand. The journey may take work, but getting instructions on what to do and where to go doesn’t. LifeMap PM connects the user with mentors, coaches, and like minded individuals to help them along the way.

LifeMap PM helps people keep track of where they are, where they’ve been, where they’re going, and what skills and assets they’ve collected. It reminds them of why they’re on their path, and gives feedback and rewards along the way. It’s designed to be fun and interactive, as if life were a game, which is why you start by creating profile and an avatar, which is the character that a player can click into to see what skills and assets they have available to continue on their journey, and the same character displayed when connecting directly to others from the app.

LifeMap PM is designed to connect its users with the world around them, and to show them where to find the resources they need. We’re assembling a service provider network, made of all non-profit organizations, government programs, and other groups that offer free resources. This network offers support through goods, services, mentoring, training, encouragement, and connectivity, and provides our users with a great foundation for creating successful outcomes in whatever they pursue. And since an account is required to check-in at our membership non-profits, we think it will be widely adopted.